Include foods made from millet

Foods made from millet

We need to pay special attention to our diet when dealing with a serious illness like coronary heart disease. You should include foods made from millet in your diet to boost your immune system. Especially Peral Millet is very useful and readily available in our country. (Hereafter this article uses word millet for pearl millet)

During the Corona period most people are taking home remedies to boost the immune system. If you want to stay away from this invisible virus, you have to take proper care of your health. We also need to make some changes in our diet. You need to consume foods that will supply your body with vitamins and nutrients. Eating bread made from millet flour can help boost your immune system. Millet bread is widely consumed, especially in winter days.

Most dieticians also recommend eating millet bread. You can also include millet bread in your diet to boost your immune system during the coronary period. Millet contains nutrients like protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium. Regular consumption of this bread can help your body supply nutrients.

Eat millet regularly

The nutrients contained in millet help in boosting the immune system. But at the same time you can stay away from other diseases. Millets have very low glycemic index. Therefore, blood sugar does not rise quickly. Similarly, millet may be more useful for type 2 diabetes. Importantly, you can consume millet bread to control blood pressure. Millet also helps in reducing constipation. According to dieticians, it is equally important to include millet in your regular diet.

Nutrients in millet

Millets are rich in protein, phytochemicals and fiber. So millet may be more useful for the body. Millets contain 200 calories, 7-12 per cent or 6 grams of protein, 2-5 per cent or 1.7 grams of fat, 65-75 per cent or 40 grams of carbohydrates and 15-20 per cent or 2 grams of fiber. Especially cooked millet is rich in protein and carbs. Also millet is gluten free. According to expert advice, you can consume bajra regularly.

Get blood pressure under control

Eating millet bread as well as foods made from millet can help you stay away from diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Millet helps boost your immune system. But at the same time, millet can be useful in increasing the energy level in the body. Millets are rich in potassium and magnesium. This can help control blood pressure. Normal blood pressure can also help you avoid heart disease. Consumption of millet is a great way to control blood pressure.

Remedy millet for diabetes

Many people today suffer from diseases such as diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes, it may be beneficial to include millet in your diet. Millet works to control diabetes. Also, due to the fiber contained in it, millet takes time to digest. Therefore, blood sugar does not rise quickly. Regular consumption of millet can help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. According to some experts, the nutrients in millet can help control blood sugar.

Foods made from millet

It is better for the body to consume bread made from millet flour. However, if you do not like millet bread, you can eat other foods made from millet. You can make khichdi, tikki from bajra. According to the Calorie Counter, millet bread has 97 calories. So give more priority to eating this bread. However, excessive consumption of millet can be dangerous for your body. So avoid excessive consumption of millet. Also, pregnant women should avoid consuming millet.

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