How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Last year I chopped off my hair and immediately panicked. What had I done? I’m sure you’ve had a similar, post-haircut moment of regret. I wanted a change, but I didn’t realize just how drastic it would be. As I reeled to figure out how to remedy this now irreversible situation, I recalled reading somewhere that hair grows an average of 6 inches a year…so regrowing those 10 inches could take me almost two full years! (And that’s not factoring in trims and breakage). I felt stuck without my hair and now had a new mission: to reclaim it.

Suddenly obsessed with growing my hair out as quickly as possible, I decided to apply everything I’d learned in nutrition training about hair growth to kick-start the process.

In addition, I established a beauty regimen that focused on best hair practices and I followed it faithfully for nine whole months. To my delight, it speeds up the growth process by a few inches, but also improved the appearance of my hair from all aspects, but specifically, it’s strong and nice. This is the exact protocol I followed and a few extra tips I recommend along the way.

This scalp protocol helped stimulate hair growth. The most important yet neglected feature of growing healthy hair is the liveliness of the scalp. I found that maintaining the scalp and keeping it conditioned, invigorated, and inflammation-free is key. It’s easy to overlook the scalp; after all, it is hidden beneath a mane of hair, so dryness or irritation can be quite literally veiled. But the scalp is also prone to the elements you place on it, so principal consideration is generally to avoid over washing. Washing two to three times per week was sufficient for me, which also helps maintain the scalp’s microbiome and leaves its natural sebum production intact.

Secondly, I learned to carefully read the labels when purchasing shampoos, conditioners, and styling products—making sure ingredients are chemical-free and made without soap agents or perfumes. These can play a role in inflammation and produce excessive sebum, which clogs the pores on the scalp and suffocates the hair follicle.

I now consider the skin beneath my hair as an important and delicate extension of the skin on my face and treat it as such.

Each evening before sleep time, I gave myself a head massage to stimulate circulation and promote hair growth.

Four times per week, I applied a stimulating essential oil infusion made of 3 teaspoons of castor oil infused with 6 drops of rosemary essential oil or peppermint oil. To use it, massage the infusion into the scalp. Cover your head with a warm towel and let the steam trigger circulation to the head.

I additional stimulated circulation by giving myself the time for five full minutes of yoga headstand pose every day. This might be a headstand, a forward fold, or any other pose that promotes blood to flow to the scalp.

I exfoliated my scalp once a week with a gentle scrub. I made some of my own scrubs by adding to my shampoo finely ground coconut sugar. If you’re using a lot of styling products, Exfoliating is a must.

The tension in your forehead is transferred to the scalp, I added some form of meditation practice into my everyday practice to release pressure.

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