10 Essential Night Skincare Routine Tips

Every person has their own version of a nighttime skincare routine. Whether it is as basic as just washing the dirt off your face before you sleep, or an extensive one, there might be steps you might be missing out on.

Between work, family, friends and the daily grind, your skin gets exposed to dirt, pollution, and harsh weather conditions. At the end of the day, all you want to do is flop on your bed and get some much-needed rest. But did you know, in time, all that harmful exposure during the day can cause premature aging and damage your skin?  To prevent the damage to your skin, you need to establish a night skincare routine that cares, protects, and nourishes your skin.

Here are 10 night time skincare tips for you to try out

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Step 1: Remove your makeup:

Sometimes, you need to end the day on a fresh note. Start your night care routine by using a quality makeup remover to gently erase the makeup from your face.

Step 2: Cleanse, Cleanse & Cleanse:

Although you already started to clean your face by removing your makeup, a good cleanse doesn’t end there. Wash your face with a combination of warm water and a cleanser. (Rinse it off thoroughly).

Step 3: Exfoliate:

Although exfoliation can work wonders on your skin, this step is only to be carried out twice or thrice a week. In order to have fresh, supple skin, you need to slough off the dead cells on the surface. Concentrate on the pores on your cheeks and on scrubbing off the blackheads on your nose. Blackheads and pores on your nose and cheeks can be persistent, but overusing your exfoliator is never a good idea.

Step 4: Tone it up:

Follow the exfoliation with an alcohol-based toner to restore the PH balance of your skin. Just moisten the cotton ball and pat it gently over your face and neck.

Step 5: Moisturise:

After you’ve cleansed your face, moisturizing it is essential. When you wash your face, essential oils get washed away along with any dirt or makeup. To replenish and nourish your skin, moisturizer is essential. (Choose a water-based moisturizer if you have oily skin.) Take a little extra time out and moisturize your skin.

Step 6: Eye Cream:

There are no oil glands around your eyes, which means they require extra attention. Use an eye cream to prevent puffiness, dark circles and moisturize the fragile skin around your eyes. Tap the cream in lightly and remember not to tug or stretch the skin when you are massaging the cream in.

Step 7: Lip Care:

At the end of the day, we all come home to dry, cracked or slightly chapped lips (unless you regularly use a lip balm.) To soothe your lips, wash them with warm water and use a soft cloth to dry them – this will remove any dead skin. Add a light coat of lip balm to keep your lips nourished through the night.

Step 8: Switch to Silk:

We all tend to toss and turn in our sleep – particularly after a stressful day. However, in the process, your pillowcase tugs and pulls at your skin. Silk pillowcases don’t do that. They let your skin rest.

Step 9: Sleep on your Back:

Pushing your face into your pillow can often increase the likelihood of wrinkles on your face. To prevent this, try cultivating a habit of sleeping on your back.

Step 10: Brush out your hair:

Want to avoid hair fall or terribly knotted hair when you wake up? Brush your hair out and add a night-time leave in conditioner. Don’t tie your hair into a ponytail as this will increase the breakage of your hair.

However, the most important step in your nightly routine for skincare is rest. Make sure you avoid too many late nights or drink caffeine loaded products just before you sleep. A good night’s rest is a sure-fire way to wake up with healthy, glowing skin.

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